Information for Employers

We draw on our extensive experience in higher education to find the best candidates to work in roles in your organisation, and to contribute to your growth, development and success.

Traditional recruitment companies charge employers a percentage fee of a candidates starting salary; this means that generally the more senior the position, the higher the fee.

At Academic Staff, we believe this to be unfair. Instead, we consult with employers to agree a flat rate fee, once all of the factors of the talent project have been considered. And remember, employers will only be charged once the successful incumbent has been offered employment. That is our commitment to your business success.

Our Approach

Understanding the specific needs of each employer is at the forefront of everything we do. We find you the best candidates to excel in every aspect of their roles. We understand the success of your organisation relies on your people, and we are committed to ensuring the continual success of your business through the placement of excellent employees. Finding you, not only the very best professionals in higher education, but those who fit with your organisation’s culture and strategic direction, is our guarantee to you.

Our specialist recruitment services are ideal for:

  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Private Training Organisation
  • Professional Association
  • Private Higher Education Provider

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