Information for Job Seekers

It is not easy in this job market to access a university or academic position.

Our intention is to help you gain insights, improve your job opportunities, and align your skills and competencies more closely with positions available.

We draw on our extensive experience in higher education to find the best candidates to work in roles in your organisation, and to contribute to your growth, development and success.

Many larger organisations clump academic positions together with other roles; this means that specialists are often left wading through jobs irrelevant to their experience.

At Academic Staff, we believe this to be unfair. Instead, we work with employers to present jobs that are relevant to you. This is our commitment to your success.

Online Training

Understanding the specific needs of each employer is at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to present a range of short courses and online training for academics, administrators, compliance officers, human resources and others involved in the academic process. We understand that many people are switching from the corporate sector to the university sector, or seeking promotions, or moving from academia to administration. To help you get some quick tips and tools to align with your career goals, we aim to provide a range of accessible, free online training in academic jobs skills. These range from quick animations, short videos, interviews, and insights from professionals.

Our online training includes:

  • Career Change for Academics
  • Working in University Administration
  • Landing a Lecturing Position
  • Building an Effective Resume
  • Using LinkedIn to Build Your Job Network

To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us today.